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What Do Seniors Think About Their Future?


The 2017-18 school year is about to begin at San Luis Obispo High School and the students that are part of the senior class must be ready to spend a stressful year, applying for colleges and thinking about their future. Expressions interviewed some seniors to hear their opinion on what they’re expecting from this year and what they want to pursue in their life after high school.

Expressions: What’s your opinion about your senior year?

Senior Rutik Shinglot: I think it’s going to be the most fun I have out of my high school career.

Senior Shane Russett: Senior year is definitely exciting, it’s going to be the last year before you have to be really independent and go off in a college, so I’m excited for it.

Senior Minori Jaggia: I’m going to be involved with Associated Student Body, so I hope to really start making a difference, to put the ideas that I had in all these year into action.

Expressions: What classes are you going to take?

Shinglot: I’m taking a lot of AP classes, and ASB. AP Literature, AP Computer Science, AP Physics, and AP Statistics.

Russett: I’m taking AP Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, and some other challenging classes, so it’s not going to be an easy year for me.

Jaggia: AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Literature, AP Government, AP Economics, Spanish 3 and ASB.

Expressions: Are you scared about this year?

Shinglot: I don’t think I’m scared about the classes or next year itself, I’m scared about what comes after, like applying for college.

Russett: Yes, I think that everyone’s scared and no one is confident about applying for college, but I feel it will be fun. I’m trying to pass that and have a good time.

Jaggia: I’m kind of nervous about college application, and the fact that everyone’s leaving.

Expressions: Do you have any ideas about where you want to apply for college?

Shinglot: If I get into a good East Coast school I’d go there, but I’m mainly looking local, like UCLA, or something around there.

Russett: I want to go somewhere where I have a lot of options, because I’m not sure what major I want to choose and I want to go somewhere that I feel comfortable at.

Jaggia: I’d most likely stay on the West Coast, Berkeley seems really cool. But if I’m going to apply for an Ivy League I’ll apply to for UPenn.

Expressions: Which subject do you want to major in?

Shinglot: I definitely want to do something regarding law.

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