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Meet Aspiring Actress Delaiah Hastie


With a very memorable Academy Awards ceremony having just occurred, Expressions interviewed one of San Luis Obispo High School’s own up and coming actresses, junior Delaiah Hastie.

Expressions: When did you begin acting?

Hastie: I’ve always loved acting my whole life, but I started taking classes in 2012.

Expressions: Was there a point in your life that you realized you wanted to pursue acting?

Hastie: Probably around the age of ten was when I realized I wanted to pursue it professionally.

Expressions: What was one of your own favorite performances?

Hastie: My favorite performance of my own was probably in “Words” [a short film about sexual assault and the lasting effects] because it was the most challenging part because it was on such a sensitive topic and I wanted to portray it honestly. I think I did a good job.

Expressions: Who have been some of the actors and actresses who have inspired you the most and why?

Hastie: Brie Larson because she’s the best actress I’ve ever seen in a film and her acting is very relatable. You can see everything going on in her mind and what she’s thinking… and she’s really nice.

Expressions: What has been your favorite character that you’ve portrayed in a film? Can you describe them and explain why they were your favorite?

Hastie: Probably Emily. She was from my first film, “Van Escape”. It was a short film about a mother and two children escaping an abusive husband and father. Emily was angry most of the film, but it was because she had a lot of hurt and confusion she was covering up which was fun to play.

Expressions: Do you have any specific goals in regards to acting?

Hastie: I would love to win an Oscar, but I think my main goal is to be cast in a large movie that plays in theaters with notable actors.

Everyone can expect big things from Hastie, because with such a solid work ethic and loads of natural talent, she’s going to make it big one day and we will surely be watching her on the big screen.

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