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Sarah Ardantz & Analise Feuerstein, Acrobatic Gymnasts At SLOHS


Acrobatic gymnastics (Acro) isn’t a usual answer when asked what sport someone is involved in. Yet, for these two San Luis Obispo High School students, it’s been their lives for the past several years. Junior Sarah Ardantz and freshman Analise Feuerstein are part of a women’s pair team at the local gym, Legacy Acrobatics. They have competed in many national and international competitions and are both former members of the U.S. National Acrobatic Team; Feuerstein is an international gold medalist and Ardantz is a national bronze medalist.

Expressions: What’s a brief description of Acro for people that don’t know?

Junior Sarah Ardantz: Acrobatic gymnastics is a discipline combining tumbling, engaging dance, brilliant attire, and partner stunts performed by synchronized pairs or groups. Routines are performed on a 40×40 spring floor. Each level has specific requirements that must be met.

Freshman Analise Feuerstein: To describe Acro, I’d say it’s closest comparison is figure skating as far as the intensity and partnerships goes, but the tricks we compete can be compared to a circus, yet they’re tighter and more aggressive.

Expressions: How long have you been participating in Acro, and how often do you have practice?

Ardantz: I have been competing in Acro for seven years. I practice five days a week, three to four hours a day, and then some.

Feuerstein: I have been competing in Acro for four years. I practice 5 days a week, and sometimes 6 depending on our goals for that month or week.

Expressions: What’s the most rewarding aspect of Acro?

Ardantz: The most rewarding aspect is seeing results in your progress and learning to persevere. Not only that, but the relationships you build with your partner, teammates, and coach. I wouldn’t trade these relationships for the world. This sport doesn’t lay a place in my heart without the people in it.

Feuerstein: To me the most rewarding aspect of Acro is that there are always more opportunities and things you can teach your body to do through Acro – it covers a wide range: tumbling, dance, flexibility , communication, balance and much more. This, to me, is very rewarding, knowing I can do so many different types of things.

Expressions: What’s the most difficult part of the sport?

Ardantz: Trust and confidence are the most difficult parts. Not trusting yourself to throw or catch a skill can be not only extremely dangerous, but emotionally destructive. I always psych myself out and lose all confidence on certain skills that require intense focus. I struggle everyday to break through my mental blocks. But the endless support from my teammates always gets me through.

Feuerstein: The most difficult part this sport can be having a smooth relationship with your partner when trying to conquer new skills. It’s tough practicing when you’re both sore and fatigued, trying to push through.  

Expressions: Have you won any competitions, and if so, which ones?

Ardantz: Some accomplishments are winning bronze at Nationals in 2014, getting fourth at Nationals in 2015, and won first place at all my competitions last year.

Feuerstein: My biggest accomplishments in this sport are when I made the USA National Team and got to travel to Holland and compete there representing the USA, bringing home three international gold medals. This year I passed into the elite level which was also a huge accomplishment.

Click here or here to find out more about acrobatic gymnastics and the Legacy Gymnastics Team.

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