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Interview: Junior Grant Thorshov, President Of The SLOHS Film Production Club


Film Production Club is one of the newest clubs at San Luis Obispo High School. Created this school year, it has already gotten off to a great start. With two films written, performed, shot and put on YouTube, things are looking promising for this interesting club.

The members of Film Club are a collection of talented and creative individuals. They have dreams and ambitions and this club is a way for them to show what they’re made of, while also practicing and perfecting their art.

Expressions talked to junior Grant Thorshov, president of the club, about his goals and aspirations regarding filmmaking.

Expressions: Is there a reason you make films?

Junior Grant Thorshov: We make films because it’s the most – not the easiest, definitely – but the most engaging form of storytelling we have at our disposal.

Expressions: What’s your favorite part about the club?

Thorshov: Working with the people. Everyone brings their own ideas to the table.

Expressions: What is the hardest part about making a film?

Thorshov: Getting a story. Besides that, the hardest part is getting everything ready.

Expressions: Are you ever worried about how a film will turn out or what people’s response to it will be?

Thorshov: All the time. That is the only thing I’ve worried about… But I’ve gotten a bit more used to it recently… You just gotta keep making movies and trust yourself and your crew.

Expressions: What is the most rewarding and satisfying part of making and finishing a film?

Thorshov: The most rewarding part of finishing the film is the reactions to the movie. Whether it’s laughter, terror, or cringe, it’s just really fun to see how people react.

Expressions: What would you say to anyone wanting to or thinking about joining the club?

Thorshov: There’s a place for everyone, the majority is of us have never made movies before, so if you’re thinking about join just come on in, it’s a fun environment!

As a member of the club myself, I will hold off as much bias about how great this club is. Having said that, I must say that it is not all fun and games. Producing films is not easy, and takes a lot of work and effort.

So, my reasoning for this article is to call out to any other skilled students who want to show what they’re made of. The club can and will benefit from your commitment and passion, and we’d be elated to have you as a part of the team.

If you have a talent, whether it be singing, dancing, acting, writing, or simply have a large imagination, then you are more than welcome to join this club. The people of Film Production will be more than happy to have someone like you on board for the ride.

Check out the club’s first short film, “Blink”.


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