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Artist Spotlight: Freshman Jordan Ratty


San Luis Obispo High School has artists that enter various classes and programs: from Drawing, to Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Design and more. You’ll see paintings, drawings, and other works done by these talented individuals on display around the school for all to see.

Artists who put their art pieces up for display usually put their best work into them. They can spend hours on end working on a single project, totaling a few days if not weeks. The finished product is showcased, and their special talents displayed; but not every artist shows their work.

One such person is freshman Jordan Ratty, who doesn’t have a reputation as an artist. She hasn’t displayed her work in the library or any of the other displays around the school. To learn why that is, Expressions approached her and asked a few questions.

Expressions: What kind of art do you do?

Freshman Jordan Ratty: I mostly stick to ceramics, ‘cause I don’t feel I’m all that good at drawing or painting.

Expressions: Are you inspired by any popular or famous artists?

Ratty: Not anyone in particular really. Though I do like the paintings around the (Ceramics) room.

Expressions: What would you say is the hardest part of creating a piece?

Ratty: Smoothing out the clay, and making sure it’s the right consistency.

Expressions: Do you have a ritual, or need certain conditions to be able to work?

Ratty: Not really. I just like to be pretty much alone and not bothered when I work.

Expressions: When you finish a piece and look at it, what’s the first thing that you usually think about it?

Ratty: Depends on the project. Sometimes it just doesn’t come out as good, but even then I still feel accomplished and proud of my work.

Expressions: Would you consider showcasing some of your work in any future galleries, or just up in the library, or anything like that later on?

Ratty: I wouldn’t mind it, if I think my work was good enough.

As a fellow artist, seeing her work first hand, I can attest that it is nothing short of amazing. If she ever does decide to display her work publicly, SLOHS would be very lucky to have such a talented individual within its ranks of artists.

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