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Tyra Popovich: Singer, Swimmer, Student


Swimmer, singer, and San Luis Obispo High School student Tyra Popovich has kept very busy throughout her high school career. Between swimming for the SLOHS team as well as a private swim team, being a part of drama, improv, singing and performing on her own time, and school, it’s hard to believe that she can do it all. Expressions had the chance to interview Popovich on her love for swimming and performing and her plans for the future.

Expressions: What’s your favorite aspect of swimming?

Senior Tyra Popovich: The feeling I get after practice. Swimming is a good way to clear your mind and after a super stressful day; it’s helpful to get in the pool and kind of work-out your emotions.

Expressions: What do you compete in for swimming?

Popovich: I’ve been swimming for the last twelve years of my life and so the events I’ve competed in have changed a lot over the years. Though, for the last three years during the high school swim season I have focused on the 100 Yard Freestyle and my best event, the 50 Yard Freestyle.

Expressions: Are you planning on swimming in college?

Popovich: I would like to swim in college. I know that I will always swim no matter what, competitively or just for exercise. I’ve been in contact with coaches from some private schools and state schools on the west coast and have been recruited to swim. I’m interested in swimming Division three and hoping to stay in California.

Expressions: What’s your favorite aspect of singing and performing?

Popovich: I honestly do not know much about the technical aspects of singing, all I know is that I really love doing it. I think the best part about singing is getting to sing with other people. It’s always a good time, and solid harmonies give me chills.

Expressions: What had been your favorite performing experience so far?

Popovich: Singing “I Know Where I’ve Been” in the musical Hairspray that we (SLOHS drama club) did my sophomore year. That was my favorite musical before we even performed it, and Motormouth Maybelle has been my favorite role I’ve done yet. Getting to do it with my close friends made it even better. The way we did the boycott scene was pretty simple; dimmed lights and not a lot of people on stage which made it a super powerful performance that I’ll remember for a long time.

Expressions: Do you plan on continuing to sing and perform after high school?

Popovich: I most definitely will be singing and performing after high school. I have interests in all different areas so I’m not entirely sure which career path is for me right now, but I would love to release some music in the future and do some musical theatre at the college I end up attending.

Expressions: How much time do each take up in your week and how do you balance everything?

Popovich: I swim about 2 to 2 1/2 hours every day after school Monday through Friday and, when I’m not too swamped in homework, I’ll wake up around 4:30am to make it to morning practice in SLO at 5:30am on Tuesdays or Thursdays. On Mondays and Wednesdays after I swim I stay at the pool to volunteer teaching swim lessons to Pacheco Elementary students with some of my teammates and my coach for an extra hour. I am not trained vocally so I don’t spend time at lessons or anything but I’d definitely say I spend many hours out of my week singing and playing around with my guitar. I can’t balance everything all the time. After the last 3 years of high school, I’ve learned when to say no to certain things. I now make time for what is most important to me, and though it doesn’t always go perfectly to plan, because nothing does, I still manage to make above average grades and I now know the difference between what is too overloaded versus what is just being busy for me.

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