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SLOHS Students Give Their Take On The New ‘No Grinding’ Policy


October 21, 2016 marks the last day of this year’s not-so-spirited spirit week. Though the days of dressing up in traveling clothes and patriotic paraphernalia are over, we still have the coveted homecoming dance to look forward to. Right?

Well, recently, a “no grinding” policy has been put into effect, and it indeed raises some questions. Violators of this rule will be forced to bear wristbands, and if they are caught again, will be sent home. Expressions interviewed a diverse group of students to get their responses to this controversial policy.

Expressions: What is your honest opinion of the new anti-grinding regulation that will be in place at homecoming this year?

Junior Shane Russet: It’s ridiculous. I think that it is limiting our freedom to express ourselves. It’s honestly communism.

Junior Sarah Ardanz: I think grinding should be allowed. As long as people aren’t getting too hype and intimate, it’s okay.

Senior Cami Love: I think it’s a bit harsh but there is nothing anyone can do about it. Mr. Johnson has his mind completely set on it.

Senior Tyra Popovich: I think it’s absolutely hilarious.

Junior Augusta Holyfield: I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t think that it’s going to work well in practice.

Junior Nabeel Elsayed: It’s condescending. Why would anybody want to kick anyone out of something they paid for because of the way they dance?

Sophomore Clea Wendt: I believe that grinding is an issue at dances, but only to a certain extent. I think many take it to a level that may be seen as inappropriate for a high school dance; however, I think it is a form of expression and a chance to feel rebellious in a safe environment.

Senior Anna Walden: It’s a little extreme. Kids aren’t hooking up on the dance floor, they’re just having a good time!

Junior Lauren Hatcher: It’s a fair rule to impose, especially because non-consensual grinding is awful, but it seems near impossible to fairly and consistently enforce.

Senior Chelsey Perez: I didn’t know we switched to a Catholic school system.

Senior Jenny Zakariah: I like to boogie on the outside of the crowd with my friends, so I guess I don’t mind.

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