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SLO High’s Freshest Freshman; John Foster


Freshman John Foster stands out amongst the crowd here at San Luis Obispo High School; standing at around 6’3, with long blond hair and all black everything, Foster is somewhat of an enigma to most. However, Expressions interviewed the mysterious figure to get an inside scoop on the school’s freshest freshman.

Expressions: What do you like to do in your free time?

Freshman John Foster: Really, what is free time?

Expressions: Okay, what are your hobbies?

Foster: I like playing drums and going relatively fast.

Expressions: Tell me more about your music.

Foster: I get behind a drum kit and I like it and I just go “okay,” and play as fast and hard as I can. My style is fast and violent like meth.

Expressions: What bands are you playing in right now?

Foster: I’m in two: Nan Elmoth and XdcrwfuX (pronounced Decrepit Waifu, or as guitar teacher Nina Reinacher says, “Decrepit White Food), and I play drums in both bands.

Expressions: Why did you decide to come to SLOHS when you live in Cayucos?

Foster: I came here mostly because there are more opportunities at this school. The shop classes are neat and I practice here as well.

Expressions: How is the commute to school?

Foster: My commute is RTA route 15 North from Cayucos at 6:30am, then to the 12 in Morro Bay.

Expressions: What was your favorite project in your metal class?

Foster: I liked doing the weathervane because I didn’t have to do any of it. Everyone was like “John you suck” and they just did it for me.

Expressions: What size shoe do you wear?

Foster: 11 ½.

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