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Interview With a Foreign Exchange Student: Julius Vogel


Traveling from one place to another can be something we all have the decency to stress about; whether that be in a positive, or negative light. Being a foreign exchange student, traveling to the other side of the planet in the light of your own personal experience to gain, and your education can certainly be a challenging task. A student by the name of Julius Vogel, who has been attending San Luis Obispo High School as a sophomore foreign exchange student this year, has traveled all the way from Germany. Expressions interviewed Vogel on his thoughts of being a foreign exchange student, as well as his impressions on what the journey is like.

Expressions: Where are you from?

Sophomore Julius Vogel: I was born born in Germany, but later moved to Switzerland.

Expressions: Describe your journey here.

Vogel: It was pretty much 13 hours of watching movies, and the whole time I felt the excitement of not knowing what’s going to happen after I leave the plane.

Expressions: What were your first impressions of America?

Vogel: The very first thing was getting registered, and then I had to wait six [hours] at the Los Angeles Airport.

Expressions: What do you like here that doesn’t exist there?

Vogel: I like the school spirit here in comparison to Germany. There, school can be very boring and sports are only in sports clubs.

Expressions: What do you dislike here that you like there?

Vogel:  Doing the homework in my school, only the tests count for points, so homework is normally nothing I worry about.

Expressions: Describe America in one word.

Vogel: Awesome.

Expressions: What do you miss about home?

Vogel: What I miss is probably my family and friends.


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