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Tessa Boone: Swimsuit Saleswoman


At San Luis Obispo High School, several students have found success in becoming aspiring business-people through working, volunteering, and most recently, starting their own businesses. Expressions interviewed senior Tessa Boone who currently makes and sells her own unique bathing suits that are fashionable with a comfortable twist.

Expressions: How did you initially get started on making your swimsuits?

Senior Tessa Boone: Initially, I started making swimsuits for friends and myself because I believe that bikinis now-a-days [are] just too expensive for too little fabric!

Expressions: How long have you been making these swimsuits?

Boone: I have been making swimsuits for about a year, but I’ve [just started to sell them] these past couple of months.

Expressions: Where do you get your inspiration for them from?

Boone: I look at a lot of accounts on social media for ideas, but my whole theme you could say is based on practical swimwear because a lot of the stringkinis you see in Victoria’s Secret windows wouldn’t actually stay on you. So mine are for the active girl who wants to wear a bikini that’s cute but [also] functional.

Expressions: What are the price ranges for the swimsuits?

Boone: For a two-piece, it’s $35 and $5 from each set goes to a local non-profit. I have it all collected from the swimsuits I’ve sold so far but I’m still trying to contact [foundations such as] Save the Whales or a beach clean-up crew in Santa Barbara that would be willing to have a connection with me that way.

Expressions: How long does it take you to make each swimsuit?

Boone: It takes about one hour per bathing suit to make.

Expressions: Is this your own business, or do you collaborate with others?

Boone: I don’t really see it as a business because it’s fun for me.

Expressions: Would you ever consider working alongside someone else?

Boone: I think working alongside someone would be very beneficial and a good learning experience.

Expressions: Aside from this activity, what are your hobbies?

Boone: I have a lot of hobbies! I enjoy hiking and camping with my dog Frodo and friends as well as painting, trail riding on my horse, and creating sculptures, and picking trash off the beach…yes that’s a hobby.

Expressions: I know you mentioned you see this as a fun chance to express yourself, but do you plan to pursue this or another artistic medium for a career?

Boone: I think it would be awesome to pursue swimsuit design as a career. However, if I did, I would like to contribute to environmental education and restoration, if I could combine these two I would have the best job ever!

Expressions: What is the easiest way to contact you if you’re interested in purchasing a swimsuit?

Boone: Talk to me if you want a swimsuit or hit me up on social media and I’ll make one for you! It’s a good investment.


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