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Who Are “The Bros”?


Here at San Luis Obispo High School, we honor individuality. We celebrate each other’s unique qualities and the things that make us stand out. Two seniors, Max Teaford and Nathan Kaplan, and one junior, Kannan Freyaldenhoven have come together to form one individual, unique–for lack of a better word, creature. We’ve seen them before in their other forms, but never as “the Bros”. And just who are “the Bros” you ask?

Expressions: What three words describe you?

The Bros: Döpe wizard bro.

Expressions: When you leave a room, what do you think people say about you?

The Bros: They just murked everyone.

Expressions: In your opinion, which band in history should be credited with shaping the modern music world?

The Bros: The Bros, because we run the trap really good.

Expressions: What is the first thing you guys do every morning?

The Bros: Hit up the “cheesy bros of San Luis Brobispo” group message.

Expressions: “Seinfeld” or “Friends”? Why?

The Bros: “Friends”, but they should have changed the title to Bros and cut Jennifer Aniston and the others and they should have hired the Bros.

Expressions: Why do you carry the survival pack with you everywhere and what is in it?

The Bros: Three words: You never know.

Expressions: Max, what is your favorite sticker on your water bottle?

The Bros: The “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” sticker.

Expressions: How did the bros start?

The Bros: Fate brought us together.

Expressions: What do each of you separately bring to the group?

The Bros: We’re all one entity. Without one member we’re nothing.

Expressions: What is your favorite thing to do together?

The Bros: We like to mix and run the trap.


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