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The Art of Finstagram


Finstagram is a combination of the words fake and Instagram. Recently, San Luis Obispo High School students have participated in this local phenomenon where they make a second account on the renowned social media site and post pictures which they normally wouldn’t post; ugly selfies and funny memes, for example. Expressions interviewed one of the artists behind this movement, sophomore Lexi Smith.

Expressions: What is a finstagram?

Sophomore Lexi Smith: A finstagram is where you take pictures from your life and make fun of yourself. It’s like the weird half of me.

Expressions: When did you start your account?

Smith: Four months ago.

Expressions: Why did you start it?

Smith: Because I have all these amazing pictures that are too weird to put on my real Instagram, but funny enough to share, so I needed an outlet to put them on.

Expressions: How do you feel about finstagram becoming a trend?

Smith: Some of them aren’t as good as the others. But I think it’s fun, but only when you have a nice, trusting group of followers.

Expressions: Who started the finstagram trend?

Smith: My friend Samadhi’s friends from Los Angeles all have them and she said, “Oh you should start one”. So I made one and it’s been fun.

Expressions: How did you choose your account name?

Smith: Well mine is mysticmango96 and that’s named after a kombucha flavor and 96 is just a good number.

Expressions: What kind of content do you post?

Smith: I post pictures of my day-to-day life. I post things that I find in my camera roll and then I post it to my finstagram so that they’re out there and so I don’t spam the people who follow my normal account.

Expressions: What’s your advice for people starting their own finstagram?

Smith: Don’t try too hard to make it funny. Your life is probably already funny enough and the caption is the only thing that requires thought.

Expressions: Who are your favorite accounts?

Smith: I like samat_pot96 and natisizzle. And mine.

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