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Finals Week: The Last Thing That Stands Between Students and Summer Break


Freshman Hollis Dickinson getting prepared for his math final. Photo courtesy of freshman Santiago Baltodano.


  Students at San Luis Obispo High School are entering their final week of school. With the countless end-of-the-year events and celebrations of recent weeks, it’s been hard not to be thrilled about vacation. 

  But despite everyone’s anticipation for summer, three days of finals testing still loom as a final roadblock. 

  “Finals stress me out a lot. A lot of my classes have us doing so much work, even besides the final,” said freshman Gibran Covarrubias. 

  Even though summer is just a few days away, for many it feels like a lot longer. The idea of plowing through yet another finals week is pretty disheartening, and the idea of doing it for the third time this year adds to this. 

   “It’s been hard to keep up with the amount of work we have at the school right now. [My English class] in particular has been devastating for my peers and I because of the extent of the work in addition [to finals],” said an anonymous student. 

  Many students at SLOHS are fortunate to have easier schedules. This is especially the case during the third trimester. Students in AP Seminar classes already took their exams, so their hard work is already over. Other students who have taken lots of elective classes might also have a more relaxed final schedule. But despite this, finals week is never a cake walk. 

  “[Finals week] is always tough no matter what trimester. The lightest finals week I had was the second trimester,” said freshman Logan Yazzie. 

  Even though students may be stressed about their exams, there are still many end-of-the-year celebrations to look forward to, like the Senior Showcase at the PAC, Senior Picnic, and obviously, graduation. 

  “Even though I’m stressed about school, I’m still really excited about summer and the end-of-the-year events,” said Covarrubias. 

  It’s been a very busy, and sometimes stressful end to the school year. But for SLOHS students, it seems like excitement and anticipation for summer is at the forefront as the year comes to a close. 

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