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“It Ends With Us” Movie Premiering This Summer 


The cast for “It Ends With Us” leaves fans questioning how this movie is going to turn out Graphic courtesy of Ruby Blackburn 

  The book, “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover is being turned into a film which will hit theaters August 9th of this summer. Many San Luis Obispo students are readers and have strong opinions on this upcoming movie. 

  “I’m so excited that they are finally releasing the “It Ends With Us” movie. I’ve been waiting for it since 8th grade, so I’m really happy” said anonymous sophomore. 

  “It Ends With Us” is a romance novel about Lily, a recent college graduate; she meets Ryle who she falls for but when her first love Altas resurfaces a block in Ryle and Lily’s relationship occurs. 

  In 2021 Colleen Hoover started to receive a surge of popularity over her book “It Ends With Us,” the majority of people discovered it from a community on TikTok called “BookTok.” 

  A year after “It Ends With Us” started gaining attention it got the title of best selling book of 2022.

  “The book was so well written within itself it’s going to be difficult to make a movie as good as what the book was,” said sophomore Zoe Fujii. 

  It’ll be difficult to recreate the experience many fans had while reading this novel, considering many avid readers believe the books are always better than the movies. 

  Some readers believe the novel powerfully portrays abuse in relationships and shows the strength the survivors have. While others have nothing but criticism towards it due to the fact that they believe Colleen Hoover glorifies toxic relationships. 

  “I feel that we shouldn’t romanticize abusive relationships.The movie is going to ruin the whole book, the book should’ve even been written in the first place. I feel like the movie is going to be really cringy and no one’s going to survive watching it” said sophomore Yolotzin Camarena. 

  It’s definite that some books should just stay on paper instead of turning into a film. However, some movies that premiere after the book is written are exciting to watch to compare the image created of characters in peoples heads to the actors that are casted for the movies. 

  Blake Lively, who is iconic for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl will be playing Lily. Along with Justin Baldoni, who’s known for the role of Rafeal in Jane the Virgin will be playing Ryle.

  “I don’t think the actors are good for these specific roles. They’re not what was described in the book, or not what I pictured. I feel like it’s not going to be taken as well as it should be” said Fujii. 

  The majority of the actors playing the role of the characters within the book are a lot older than in the book. Blake Lively is 35 years old while in the novel she’s 23 years old and just graduated from college. As well as this Shane West, playing Altas is 44 years old while his character is 25 years old.

  Whether this movie blows readers away with being a cinematic masterpiece or disappoints excited Colleen Hoover fans, it’ll be revealed on August 9th! 


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