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YouTube: Officially Banned for SLCUSD Students on May 1


YouTube will soon be unavailable for SLOHS students on District issued computers. Graphic courtesy of sophomore Ruby Blackburn.


  All students in the San Luis Obispo Coastal Unified School District that use District issued devices will be unable to access all content available on the social media app YouTube on May 1, 2024. Students will only be able to watch videos directly assigned to them from their teachers. 

  Teachers and administrators have been cracking down on the amount of time spent distracted on different websites. Such as, the ban of Cool Math Games that occurred in February of this year and now YouTube. 

  SLCUSD knew it would be impossible to remove computers all the way so they’re blocking YouTube from students schools sanctioned devices. 

  Many teachers and parents believe that YouTube and other distractions on students’ devices are affecting students’ education and causing teachers’ jobs to be even harder than they already are. But how do students think the ban of YouTube will affect their academic life? 

  “In my opinion banning YouTube is not right, because I use YouTube to watch Hiemler videos before different tests in my AP World History class. YouTube is a resource that some people may need in order to review content for their classes,” said Sophomore Darla Sebastian Martinez.

  There are many educational videos on YouTube that students use to their advantage, as well as many other non-school related videos. 

  “Personally I’ve never seen students watching YouTube in class, so I don’t think it’s a major deal and should be banned from our computers. I think the majority of people use YouTube to watch stuff for their classes,” said sophomore Hanie Hernandez.

  The move to ban Youtube has also brought about some criticism from teachers. Some may perceive this action as a violation of teacher rights in regard to the fact that the school district made this move without consulting teachers.

  Whether or not we as students want the ban of YouTube, it unfortunately isn’t a decision in the hands of students. 

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  • L

    LeoApr 17, 2024 at 9:33 pm

    How are kids going to watch TNN? LNN? A lot of teachers already don’t regularly show it, so unless that changes a lot kids are going to be unable to access a key resource for information about school.