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Exploring High School Life Through the Eyes of Three Freshman Boys


Freshmen Bear Plemons, Alex Sincoff, and Casey Stephens (from left to right) showing off their colors. Photo courtesy of freshman Oliver Nemetz.             

  Parents of students at San Luis Obispo High School often look far and wide to find the secrets of the school. They ask, “What did you do today?” but get no answers, and so they wonder what happens at this school on a daily basis. 

  Expressions decided to interview three SLOHS students in order to find out. Even though they are freshmen, they already have a lot to say about the school. 

Expressions: What is your least favorite school subject?

Freshman Bear Plemons: My least favorite subject is Agricultural Biology because Ms. Evans assigns a lot of work.

Freshman Alex Sincoff: Small animal pre-vet because I’m not very good with animals.

Freshman Casey Stephens: The worst subject for me is probably Spanish because our teacher doesn’t speak English.

Expressions: What is the best class to take a nap in?

Plemons: American Sign Language due to the fact that the lights are off a lot of the time and it’s a very confusing subject matter because I really don’t know what’s going on.

Sincoff: My probably best class to sleep is health class because a lot of yapping occurs. Also, there aren’t really any assignments.

Stephens: Mine would be Spanish because when I say I want to take a nap she says [it’s] okay.

Expressions: Who is the best administrator at SLOHS?

Plemons: Shelly Benson because she’s one of the best counselors out there.

Sincoff: Mine is Mr. Salcido ‘cause he’s pretty chill and provides us with balls.

Expressions: What are your thoughts on TNN?

Plemons: I just don’t know what they are talking about. It literally confused me. What the heck is a winter formal? And why have no girls been asking me?

Sincoff: I think they need to get us more hyped for school events.

Stephens: My Spanish teacher kind of ruined TNN for me. She didn’t play it when we were supposed to [watch it]. 

Expressions: Do you enjoy reading Expressions?

Plemons: Personally, I’ve never read it but I would definitely be interested in the subject matter. I think it should be more inclusive and include [Spanish].

Sincoff: I think they should include it in our daily regimen, and maybe translate it to Hebrew as well.

Stephens: I’ve never personally seen the newspaper in one of my classes.

  These three freshman boys have given us a window into life at San Luis Obispo High School. It’s important to listen to the student’s perspectives and take their thoughts and opinions into consideration when learning what SLOHS is like for Tigers.

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    Gabe JantosApr 26, 2024 at 11:23 am

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