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Rain Rain Go Away: SLOHS Students’ Reactions to the Recent Rain.


Atmospheric river causes recent downpours in SLO County. Photo courtesy of KSBY. 


  Many students at San Luis Obispo High School have strong opinions about the heavy rains that just went through the town. Some have grown a new hatred for the heavy downfall after having to run to the parking lot and getting completely soaked, while others enjoy the cozy vibe that the rain creates. 

  Expressions reached out to a few students to get their insight on SLO’s recent wild weather. 

Expressions: What did you think of the recent rainy weather in SLO? 

Junior Marcos Montoya: My power went out and I had to shower in a bucket, so I’m not the biggest fan of it.

Sophomore Mila Shih: The recent rain has been pretty nice because the weather has finally cooled down!

Junior Emma Knight: The recent rain sucked because I had to cancel my plans and the wind was pretty crazy. But I got to be cozy and watch my favorite shows and drink some hot cocoa so it was fine. 

Expressions: Do you like the rain while being at school?

Montoya: Usually I do when it really pours, lighter rain is just annoying.

Shih: Rain is my favorite type of weather so I enjoy it anywhere, but it is a bit of an inconvenience for students who are walking to classes farther apart on campus.

Knight: I hate the rain while being at school because I always get soaked and the classrooms make it extra freezing. The campus is not built for rain and my hair gets super frizzy so the rain is my biggest opp at school. 

Expressions: Do you like the rain while being at home?  

Montoya: I don’t go outside so it doesn’t affect me, so sure.

Shih: I love when it rains while I’m at home! It feels amazing to be able to stay inside watching the rain, and it allows me a comfortable environment for studying, playing music, and reading. 

Knight: I love it when it rains at home because it’s so peaceful and perfect hot cocoa weather. I also love bundling up and listening to the rain while I fall asleep.

Expressions: Did you wish that school would get canceled this week? 

Montoya: Yes, me and my friends were begging for my brother to take one for the team and get swept by the floods, but maybe next year.

Shih: I did. During this time of year, I feel like students either need to get ahead on schoolwork or have time to rest, and school getting canceled due to the rain would be a perfect opportunity.

Knight: Yes, I was praying that school would’ve gotten canceled. Then I could’ve hung out with my friends and played around in the rain. 

  Whether you hated or loved the recent rainy weather, be sure to make the most of any upcoming rain with a cozy blanket and a mug of hot cocoa!

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