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Board Games: An Alternative to Our Online Addiction


  A selection of popular board games. Photo courtesy of senior Levi Woffinden.

  When COVID hit in 2020, many San Luis Obispo High School students started video gaming online to hangout with their friends, but now, some people are switching back to board games for entertainment.

  While board games like Monopoly are often given a bad rap for ruining friendships, there are many more exciting games that will build friendships stronger than ever. Both types of games are fun to play casually, but with more time investment, nerding out about new releases becomes a regular occurrence.

  Board games and video games definitely have different niches, and there are many reasons to play both. Board games are built to be played around a table with multiple people, making room for fun social interactions.

  “If you’re playing with your family, then I would say board games are more entertaining,” said senior Abhishek Biju-Pillai.

  Board games don’t even have to be the focus of discussion, they are just a good way to chill out, get people together, and interact with others.

  “I like board games because you get to actually be with the people that you’re playing with, kind of like hanging out with them,” said senior XC Clements.

Board Games are also great because they are physical things you can share with others.

  “Board games are fun because you can connect with your friends, family, or anyone, and video games are fun because you get to let out your frustrations,” said senior Troy Robbins.

  Although almost everyone has access to computers, and by extension video games, board games are often more accessible. Families often have board games just lying around, so it is more common for people to pick them up early in life instead of video games. Board games are most often based on strategy, which is an easier skill to learn than some of the dexterity needed for video games.

  “Coordination is a problem that I’ve seen [with videogames], and it’s harder for people to get used to that,” said Biju-Pillai.

  With all these reasons people play board games, why aren’t they very popular?

  “I think video games are still largely on top. You can play video games alone, you can play with friends, and you can do it even if you don’t have the time to set aside for a huge session of a board game,” said Clements.

  Video games are also more popular because of how publicized they are. New releases are advertised all over the internet, while board games are often ignored.

  “I don’t think there’s any good board games coming out nowadays,” said Robbins.

  Both video games and board games are a great way to pass the time, so if you are looking for something fun to do, try them out!

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