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Epic Showdown: The SLOHS Girls Basketball Team Faced Off Against the Morro Bay Pirates!


  Warming up for the big game. Photo Courtesy of Eric Ozuna Basilio 

    Last night there was an incredible face-off between the SLOHS girl basketball team and Morro Bay pirates. The game was held at home, and the Tigers fell short 44-40 to Morro Bay, nice try girls!

  This game was part of Rivals Week, which occurred this week.  Expressions interviewed players about their thoughts on the game!

  Expressions: How do you feel about your performance in tonight’s game?

  Assistant Coach Abby Miller: You know, I’m really bummed that they lost but they played really hard. But they did super good!

  Junior Kamaile Abac: In the beginning, I think I played pretty good. It was a little hard being pretty short compared to all the tall people that are there, but I was able to shift through.

  Junior Jennifer Stambaugh: I feel like I did pretty good! I did like how I tried out some new things.

  Expressions: What do you think you guys could’ve done better to secure the win?

  Miller: I think what hurt us was we got tired on defenses, and we let too many threes go by.

  Abac: I think we should’ve kept the momentum we had in the first half, because we’re doing super good but we lost base in the third quarter and I think that’s why we lost.

  Stambaugh: I feel like during the second half of the game, we could’ve have played better defensively.

  Expressions: How did the team’s strategy play out on the court tonight?

  Miller: Well, I wasn’t here for the first half, but from what I’ve heard, it went flawlessly the first half.

  Abac: It went well actually! Because we added new plays we learned yesterday, and we were able to execute them pretty well and score of them.

  Stambaugh: Well it went off a little, but overall it was okay to say the least.

  Expressions: How do you keep your focus and intensity up during crucial moments of the game?

  Miller: I think it stems from the energy coming from our bench and knowing that your teammates support each other.

  Abac: I just tell myself I’m gonna win and do it for my team since I don’t wanna disappoint the team and try to make a positive impact. 

  Stambaugh: I just do it for my teammates and also the aggression gets me moving a lot.

  Expressions: Is there a message you’d like to send to your fans or teammates following tonight’s game?

  Miller: Thanks for coming in! And thanks for supporting, especially on senior night, to the team. I just want them to know that they did their best. They played hard, and they should be proud of themselves.

  Abac: I think it was great, and the energy was amazing, and we just need more of that to be able to push through the game.

  Stambaugh: Thank you guys for coming out and supporting us!

 Other sports are also having their games this week, so buckle up and don’t miss these exciting games tigers!


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