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The Top Contender: Raising Pigs is the Best Choice for the County Fair



  The San Luis Obispo High School farm is empty, but not for long. Photo Courtesy of Oliver Nemetz

  Students at San Luis Obispo High School raising animals for the fair need to start planning now. The Future Farmers of America club is getting ready and the fair is fast approaching. 

  “Yeah, I’ve raised an animal twice,” said junior Keegan Bramer.

Bramer has been involved in the department ever since coming to SLOHS. 

  “I had a blast raising them. It was a lot of work, but it paid off. I raised a steer and it made me the most money. As for how much fun it was, it depends on what you like to do. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun,” said Bramer.

  However, a steer isn’t the only animal you can raise. Sophomore Stevie Bates has been raising Swine (pigs) for a long time.

  “I love raising animals and have done it for a long time. The swine usually gets me around two or three grand a year,” said Bates.

  Both students say that they got connected to their animals over time. 

  “I loved raising the steer because they have a lot of personality,” said Bramer. 

  Bates agrees with Bramer about their personalities.

 “They all have their own personalities and each one you meet has different qualities,” said Bates

  Raising an animal is fun, but the question still remains: which one should you raise? Keegan Bramer, having raised both, gives his opinion. 

  “If you want more money, and are up to do the work, a steer is the choice. If you don’t have time to put in as much effort as a pig. They will still be profitable.” said Bramer.

  Each animal has their own differences, making it depend on the person raising it. 

  “If you have any kind of interest in any livestock animals at all and you can put the time and effort in it will definitely be worth it financially and just for you to learn so much more about agriculture,” said Nates 

  Agricultural Biology teacher Jodi Evans, an expert on the industry, had a neutral position on which animal is the best to raise. 

  “I am in charge of all the ruminant animals… and Bates is in charge of pigs. It really depends on the kid because we have some kids that have tried all of the animals and love pigs, and some love others so it just really depends. When it comes to deciding to raise an animal, it has to be a personal decision. If you are raising livestock just for the money, that is not the intent. You need to be interested in animals and willing to take care of them. You aren’t guaranteed a profit, and the main benefits of the project are the real world skills you learn,” said Evans

  Although Mrs. Evans has a neutral response, for many. raising pigs is the best option for FFA. it is cheaper to start up, less work, and although you make less money you still make a lot. However, real animals will give one the experience of raising an animal.

  Tigers, if interested in getting an animal to raise for the fair, try it.

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