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Run, Jenny, Run


Many think that essentially anything is preferable to running, but for some, hitting the pavement is the only way to stay sane. Expressions interviewed San Luis Obispo High School sophomore and track member Jenny Zakaria about her rapture for racing.

Expressions: How long have you been on the track team?

Sophomore Jenny Zakaria: Since freshman year.

Expressions: What is your favorite aspect of track?

Zakaria: I like the workouts, and getting in shape is nice.

Expressions: Are you actually a fan of running?

Zakaria: In some cases, but I don’t really like the competition. A lot of people like [being competitive], but [I run] for my own health.

Expressions: Is there a strong sense of team spirit in track?

Zakaria: It’s mainly individual. There’s some team bonding, but a lot of it is individual.

Expressions: How do you psych yourself up before a meet?

Zakaria: On longer distance, if we travel, I’ll listen to music. I don’t really psych myself up because there’s a lot of waiting in-between events, so I just kind of warm-up, and then run.

Expressions: I know very little about track; can you explain how you “win” a meet?

Zakaria: There are multiple “heats” of the same event… whoever has the fastest time of that meet wins the event, and then second, and third [place]. You score points [by finishing first].

Expressions: Any favorite memories from your time on the track team?

Zakaria: On a few instances, [senior] Lexi Johnson has gotten bugs stuck in her eye, and she’s like “Oh my god, get it out!” She just screams, and it’s so funny.

Expressions: Do you plan to continue through high school/college?

Zakaria: Definitely not college. Probably through high school.

Expressions: Does the ambition and competitive urge required for track help you in other areas (especially academically)?

Zakaria: Not really, not for me.

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