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After Decades of Movies, Star Wars Continues to Entertain Students


  “Star Wars” throughout the ages. Photo collage courtesy of sophomore Aidan Field.

  San Luis Obispo High school students have enjoyed “Star Wars” movies and content for decades. But, “Star Wars” is changing as a franchise. Is “Star Wars” drifting into obscurity or is it still something students enjoy?

  The first “Star Wars” movie was released in 1977, a time in which many current SLOHS students’ parents were kids, or simply not even born yet.

  This makes “Star Wars,” as a piece of media, relatively old, especially in an age where trends and pop-culture moments transform student’s interests so quickly.

  However, it’s also important to consider that new “Star Wars” content has been released in recent years.

  “I love the TV shows, I think everything they’ve done on Disney Plus has been awesome, and it really got me excited about Star Wars again.” said digital design teacher Zach Roper.

  Particularly, “The Mandalorian,” a television series that takes place in the “Star Wars Universe,” intrigued and entertained viewers with “Baby Yoda.”  

  This fact, whilst supporting the argument that “Star Wars” is still relevant to modern consumers. In some aspects it contradicts it, as in recent years, new “Star Wars” content has been met with sharp criticism from fans.

  Some fans don’t like the differences between modern “Star Wars” content and the original series.

  This trend of “Star Wars” fans “hating” “Star Wars” started with the releasing of the prequels, particularly “Episode I: The Phantom Menace.”

  Fans hated the huge change in aesthetics, plot, and overall content. These changes were further accelerated with the acquisition of “Star Wars” by Disney, with Disney using different styles, themes, and technology.

  “I don’t think they’re as bad as most people say, but they do have some parts that don’t make sense, or they seem… forced or could’ve been written better,” said sophomore Jack McGhee.

  This also demonstrates another difference between modern series and the originals.

  More than ever, the technology to create “Star War”s effects has become increasingly available. When Star Wars was released it had cutting edge graphics, now a “Star Wars” movie looks the same as any other contemporary.

  But the acquisition by Disney might also demonstrate that “Star Wars” still hold monetary value in today’s society. Clearly if a studio is willing to invest so much money into a concept, surely it’s value to young people is still high.

  Disney acquiring “Star Wars” has also led to much more “Star Wars” content, where previously Star Wars content would only be released every few years, with the introduction of TV series, students practically get new Star wars content every week.

  In the end, Star Wars as a concept might be losing its grip on captivating audiences, its changes from the original concept have alienated fans, its age has affected its interpretation and significance, and the Disney acquisition has affected the “Star Wars”’ overall content.

  However, “Star Wars” still continues to entertain audiences with recent interests, new content, and an increased amount of content, allowing Star Wars to potentially maintain a high position in the interests of current SLOHS students.

  “I don’t know what they’re gonna do next but I’m pretty sure [that] anything they do.. People are going to talk about it,” said McGhee.

  Even veteran “Star Wars” fans think that “Star Wars” will continue to be present in student’s lives.

  “I think it’s the type of story that every generation can reinvent,” said Roper.

  Will “Star Wars” continue to be a modern classic, a cultural moment with similar relevance to Shakespeare’s works, or will it continue to alienate its audiences to the point of obscurity?

  The question is up for debate, but SLOHS students should recognize that they have so many different options in regards to how they entertain themselves.

  Tigers, consider watching “Star Wars”, but remember to check out the old stuff too!


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