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Siblings Speak: Exclusive Interview with the Woods Siblings 


  Laguna Middle School eighth-grader Beckett Woods (left), SLOHS junior Addi Woods (right), and their dog Fenway. Photo courtesy of A. Woods. 

  There are many iconic sibling duos at San Luis Obispo High School, but this senior and freshman duo will shock the campus next year. 

  Expressions reached out to the two Woods siblings to get their insights on life and each other. 

Expressions: If your parents could speak honestly, which of you is the better child?

Junior Addi Woods: Although I may be biased, I think that I am definitely the better child.

Laguna 8th Grader Beckett Woods: Addi is the better child, but it’s because she’s boring and doesn’t get in trouble. 

Expressions: Would you say you’re the better sibling in the family?

A. Woods: Yes, my parents like me more for sure. 

B. Woods: I think I’m better at athletics, but she has better grades.

Expressions: How do you feel about getting older?

A. Woods: Getting older is pretty scary but exciting. I’m looking forward to future adventures and going to college but I’m scared to move out in less than two years.

B. Woods: Somewhat excited but not really.

Expressions: What’s your hidden talent?

A. Woods: I’m pretty good at baking, as long as I have a recipe to follow.

B. Woods: I can always write an essay the night that the assignment is due.

Expressions: What is your sibling’s hidden talent?

A. Woods: He can sometimes draw well.

B. Woods: She can sometimes, maybe, possibly bake some good stuff.

Expressions: Who does your dog Fenway love more out of the two of you?

A. Woods: Fenway loves me more because we’re home alone together all the time. 

B. Woods: Me, because I play with him, take him on walks, and feed him more.

Expressions: Which one of you will be the most successful?

A. Woods: I will. 

B. Woods: Probably Addi right now because she has a job and has a plan for her future, while I don’t really.

  SLOHS is proud to soon have both of the Woods children as Tigers.

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