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Tis’ The Season To Get Jolly: “Overwatch 2”s Winter Wonderland Is Here!


Previous holiday skins for Mercy include Sugar Plum Fairy, Zhuque, Seolbim, and Fortune. Graphic Courtesy of senior Asia Jade Hagans.

  Blizzard Entertainment is a big name that many gamers at San Luis Obispo High School know. They’ve released games like the “Warcraft”, “Diablo”, and “Overwatch” series which all have experienced a holiday event.

  From December 19 to January 9, Winter Wonderland will hit “Overwatch 2” players with three festive game modes, a Winter Fair Event Pass, and new legendary skins!

  If players queue into arcade games Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, and Freeze-Flash Elimination, there will be chances for progression in the Winter Fair Event Pass. This new limited-time feature allows players to earn tickets and unlock special rewards. 

 More importantly, people are excited to see support character Mercy receive two new legendary skins.

  “The Kinnari skin looks great, it’s definitely better than the last Lunar New Year one. The outfit was too simple and it wasn’t giving majestic glamour like how glorious she is,” said senior Alma Tinocco.

  Blizzard has had a rough time in the past getting skins out on time and the character has only been in one battle pass out of the previous seven so this comes as a pleasant surprise.

  “Blizzard should recognize their most popular characters, Mercy being one of them. She should be in more collaborations and battle passes because it should be attracting people into getting those products. Yes, this would be neglecting less popular characters but they would come out with cosmetics for those characters anyway,” said junior Hayley Echano.

  Her other skin, Jingle Bell, sees the character with blonde hair and reindeer antlers dressed in a white winter sweater and fancy winter boots. This skin was teased in official artwork for the game nearly two years ago so it’s great that it will now be obtainable.

  “The new Jingle Bell skin is really nice, but I’m not sure about the New Lunar New Year one. I’m not sure why [Blizzard] gave her a fourth Lunar event skin when there are other heroes that could use them like Life Weaver,” said senior Cal Lanier.

  There will  be new skins for Sojourn, Tracer, Baptiste, Illari, and Cassidy so it’s not just mercy getting all the festive joy.

  Enjoy Winter Wonderland while you can Tigers, you never know when Blizzard will be this nice again.


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