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A Look Into the Life of SLOHS Paraeducator Roy Bean III


Paraeducator and crossing guard Roy Bean III posing candidly for the photo. Photo courtesy of senior Asia Jade Hagans.

  San Luis Obispo High School has 120 staff members working hard on the daily, 13 of whom are paraeducators, which are extra teachers in classrooms to help with individualized student instruction.

  One member in particular is Roy Bean III who many students know as the morning and afternoon crossing guard. Expressions wanted to take the time to figure out more about the familiar face many students know and love.

  Expressions: What made you want to be a paraeducator? Why here at SLOHS?

  SLOHS paraeducator Roy Bean III: I was in another line of work before this and I was miserable. I spoke to someone who works for the district and they said I would do well as an paraeducator. The job feeds my soul and gives me a sense of community. Once I was asked to come to SLOHS, I jumped at it. What better way to give back then to work at the high school you went to.

  Expressions: Do you work as a paraeducator full-time or part-time? What’s your schedule like?

  Bean: In addition to my work here as a paraeducator, I sell cars. After I got my sales license, I started working with two local dealerships and help people broker deals. It has its ups and downs but I like it. In cases like helping a family who needs a bigger vehicle because the family is growing or someone looking for their first car, it’s cool helping people find what they… are looking for.

  Expressions: How do you balance between working at SLOHS and your other jobs?

  Bean: My situation works well for me because I work car deals on a case by case basis. If people are looking for something, I work with them, but both the [businesses] I work with don’t require me to punch a clock with them. I make my own schedule and I know a lot of the other Paras [paraeducators] also work other jobs on the side. It would be cool to see how they handle it.

  Expressions: What are some of your other hobbies? How do you spend your days off?

  Bean: I’m the outdoors type, fishing is my thing. It’s how I relax, nothing like a day on the lake. Hanging out with my family and playing video games. That’s really about it.

  Expressions:  Any final words for the students here at SLOHS?

  Bean:  If you are looking for a car, come see me!!  Also, take some time and meet some of the other support staff here on campus, it’s not always what you know but who know!

  Our school is full of wonderful people like Roy, Tigers. Stop and say hi, it makes a difference.

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