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SLOHS Marching Band is crushing Field show Competitions


San Luis Obispo High School Marching Band marches their way to victory. Photo courtesy of senior Téa Fischer.

  The San Luis Obispo High School Marching Band has finished two field show competitions this year, and so far they’re off to a great start! They took best in show at the recent competition in Selma, CA. this last weekend.

  Expressions interviewed a few band members to hear their thoughts on this year’s band. 

Expressions: What are your thoughts on marching season this year?

Sophomore Amelia Wood: It’s really fun. I like our field show this year.

Sophomore Justin Morana: We won [Selma] parade this last competition. That was fun. A lot of screaming.

Sophomore Luca Petterson: I am not in band but I have been able to participate in some events because of my position as one of the actors and I think that our slohs marching band is doing great

Senior Allie Schultze:  I think this final marching season went really well, we got all of our stuff together much faster than we did the last two years. Our underclassmen, especially the freshman, really wanted to be there and really put in the effort to make our show happen.

Expressions: What do you think of the two actors in the show?

Wood: I like [them]. I think it adds to our show. It’s good, too, because they’re not in band, so it’s a different perspective. Color guard couldn’t do it because they have flags. So, we needed additional people to tell the story

Morana: I thought it was a little frustrating because we should’ve only been one [actor]. I like them, I think they work really well together; however, I think it’s a little redundant. 

Schultze: I think the two actors was a wild idea, finding non-band people who would help out the band? Crazy. But we found two people and they did an amazing job. They got their Choreo down quickly, despite it changing every week. I would thank them for helping us out and tell them they did an amazing job.

Expressions: How do you feel about it being the seniors last marching season?

Wood: I’m really sad because all the seniors this year are really good. They’re all so nice, and it’s going to be hard for them. I know most of them are leaving, and that’s sad.

Morana: It makes me really sad because this year a lot of the seniors are my friends. I gained a lot of bonds through juniors last year, and now they’re seniors, and I have to say goodbye. It’s gonna suck.

Petterson: As one of the two actors myself, I think we’re doing great!

Expressions: How do you feel about it being your last marching season?

Schultze: I’m a little sad that this will be the last time I’m marching the field show, I’ll only put that uniform on maybe two more times. But I’m proud of all that we accomplished, and I know that when I leave, the band will be left in very capable hands.

Expressions: How do you think you’re going to do this upcoming weekend?

Wood: I think we’re going to do good because we won the parade at Selma. I think we’re confident. 

Morana: It’s going to be good.

Petterson: I think that the band will do pretty well this upcoming weekend, I haven’t seen much from our opponent bands but I am confident that our tigers will be able to come out on top.

Schultze: I think we’ve gotten really comfortable with our show, we know it well and we really do enjoy playing it. Everyone who is in the parade block has put in a lot of time and effort, you can just tell they want to be there. So I’m not worried about our performances because I have faith in my fellow band members that they’re going to play their hearts out and leave it all on the field. 

  Band has put in so much work into this field show. Winning doesn’t just matter to football, or volleyball- it matters to the band, too. 

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