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An Intro To Classical Music


It’s no secret that teenagers love music. In the age of technology, our music, whether rap, electronic, pop, or indie, follows us everywhere. But often, students forget to bring the music of the past with them in their modern lives. Classical music, though considered by many to be the epitome of elegance and culture, is often seen by the young as dry and pretentious. However, no group can stand to benefit more from incorporating it into their lives. A learning young mind does much better when exposed to classical music, as many studies have proven, with greater test scores and productivity observed widely.  This is known as the Mozart effect. So while you may not want to listen to classical music recreationally, a bit of soft music is a great background for studying, pursuing a hobby, or sitting down to a nice dinner. So find a few pieces you enjoy and get cultured! Here are a few recommendations to start with:


“Aria De Capo” from the Goldberg Variations by Bach

Soft, understated, and supremely elegant, this piano piece works just as well for studying Calculus as it does for fine dining.


“La Gazza Ladra” (The Thieving Magpie) by Rossini

Lively and flourishing, this piece is well known for appearing in Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange,” and has been used again and again in film for dramatic effect in splendid glass-shattering scenes. Perfect for adding a little mischief and drama to the atmosphere


“Lacrimosa” in D Minor by Mozart

Pure high operatic drama. Dark, ornate, and perfect for making an entrance.


“The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi

An easily recognizable piece, joyous and upbeat, with a pleasant refrain. Clearly evokes the feeling of each of the seasons (Or would, if California had them).


“Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven

Smooth and dreamlike. A perfect piece for quiet studying or the quiet soul.


“Nocturne” by Chopin

Melodic, serene, refined, yet ultimately simple, this piece takes one away from the indignity of the everyday and into a more elegant dream world.


If you are looking to enjoy a live performance, one might consider the San Luis Obispo Symphony’s “No Ties Allowed” dress rehearsal at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center on November 14. Tickets are a reduced price of $15 and it is a cheap way to take in a bit of live music every month. The Youth Symphony will also be holding a winter concert on December 15 at the Clark Center for the Performing Arts


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