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You Want to Take a Test in a Tutorial? Too Bad, You Don’t Have Enough Time!


Oh so many classes to choose from. Photo courtesy of editor Sage LaMacchia-Meeks.

  Although being a relatively new addition, tutorial has become a staple at San Luis Obispo High School. It aims to give students more time to catch up on work and plan ahead for upcoming assignments.

“Tutorial is primarily utilized for students to engage in work, reassessments, extensions of classroom activities, sessions with counselors, and with guest speakers or performances,” said principal Rollin Dickinson.

  Not everyone shares this viewpoint though, some find tutorial unnecessary because it’s only 38 minutes, which isn’t enough for a test, and that it adds extra stress to sign up with punishments if you default.

  “Tutorial, should be at the same time as a class, the new schedule seems to be a great balance with the need for support,” said English teacher Lynnly Sainsbury.

  This new schedule Sainsbury mentioned will be voted on by all Union member teachers in February and if approved, it will be implemented next year.

“One idea that is being considered for next year is to have each period on Monday be forty-five minutes. Currently, third period is seven minutes longer on Monday for TNN. In the model that is being considered, we would not watch TNN on Monday and would use that seven minutes of TNN time for Tutorial to make each period forty-five minutes,” said Dickinson.

  This sounds like a great change for a tutorial, not only will the tutorial finally be long enough for a test or essay, but it also makes the Monday schedule much easier to remember.

  “It’s useful. For me I get my classwork done and if I need to, I can catch up on late work. They should advertise it on TNN as a reminder on Wednesdays though,” said senior Marc Aguilera.

Tutorial is still very new and a work in progress, it will be exciting to see how it changes over the next few years and how students will respond.

Check out next year’s proposed schedule for next year (posted below) and talk to teachers about it:


10:00-10:45 1st Period

10:45-10:52 PASSING

10:52-11:37 2nd Period

11:37-11:44 PASSING

11:44-12:29 3rd Period (7 mins shorter)

12:29-01:04 Lunch

01:04-01:11 PASSING

01:11-01:56 4th Period

01:56-02:03 PASSING

02:03-02:48 Tutorial (7 mins longer)

02:48-02:55 PASSING

02:55-03:40 5th Period

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