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The Crocs’ Reign of Terror Must Come to an End!


Crocs come in all shapes and colors are still the worst shoe. Graphic courtesy of reporters Talia Garrett and Tessa Roos.

  Trends at San Luis Obispo High school come and go, but Crocs have been around for too long. Students have mixed feelings about Crocs, and they are definitely getting old. Crocs are not cute no matter what SLOHS students believe. They aren’t stylish, and never were.

  “Imagine if you’re walking and something gets in your croc it would be totally gross and uncool. Crocs are just the worst,” said sophomore Saylor King.

  Crocs are just rubber sandals, but with holes in them. Holes don’t belong in shoes, ever, although many other SLOHS students may strongly disagree.

  “There’s definitely a place for Crocs in everyday wear because they are so comfortable, and also I like how versatile they are,” said freshman Orion Slaughter.

  Despite the strangeness of these shoes, they are still preferred by a lot of strange individuals. Crocs are allegedly very comfortable, and the holes on them allow peoples feet to have air surrounding them. This apparently keeps their feet from getting too sweaty, though people may think the rubber material of crocs would contradict that. 

  Then why do people wear them with socks? Simply just for style, some crazy people just enjoy the look of Crocs. Crocs come in lots of different colors and varieties to wear, but despite the fun colors and designs, Crocs are detrimental for one’s feet.

  According to Silverman Ankle & Foot, “[Crocs] provide very little support to your ankle and your arches, which can lead to soft tissue injuries.”

  Not only are Crocs visually unappealing, but they are very bad for your feet. These odd shoes lack arch support, and that often leads to Plantar Fasciitis. This can make it painful and uncomfortable to walk.

  “You cannot style Crocs because they’re just ugly and no one should have them,” said King.

  Crocs don’t go with anything because they are simply an unstylish version of sandals. Crocs can also lead to many injuries because of the slippery rubber they’re made out of.

  There are many other shoe options that keep in mind all the things Croc Lovers like. If students want a breathable shoe, go for some flip flops or a stylish pair of sandals. Tennis shoes like converse are also very comfortable, popular, and customizable.

  Crocs: The impractical, ugly, and rubber shoe.

These monstrosities have been around for way too long. Take the step, in some real shoes, to make our community a more beautiful, Croc free, place! Throw away or donate your Crocs to the dump today!


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