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The Climbing Community at SLOHS Rocks!


  Bat hanging looks fun for senior Cade Backlin. Photo courtesy of junior Cate Tucker.

  At San Luis Obispo High School there are many students that love climbing, whether that involves going to local climbing gym The Pad, or climbing boulders and doing lead routes on Bishop’s Peak. With climbing growing more popular in recent years, the climbing community at SLOHS has too.

  “I love to climb with my friends because it’s super fun and chill. It’s something that I can do at my own pace, I can take my time and enjoy rather than having to start it and finish it in one single session. It’s more of a nonlinear kind of sport for me,” said junior Talia Ramezani.

  The Pad is the only climbing gym in San Luis Obispo. It is a great gym for all levels of climbers, whether it’s for first time visits or those who do v10s for their warm-up. 

  They offer bouldering, which you climb with no ropes, and auto belay, which is a rope climb, and no certification is required. They also have belay and lead routes which one can take an in person test for.

  Climbers can rent a harness for two dollars, while rental climbing shoes are free with the day pass, or membership. Check out to find all the prices, but a day pass for youth is $15, and students can ask a friend with a membership to use a buddy pass to get in for free!

  It is a super fun activity to do recreationally, where one can stay active and join a cool welcoming community. It can also be an intense sport with climbing competitions. 

  “I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to find a career in climbing, whether that’s as a sponsored climber, a coach, a climbing photographer, or something else. This year I’ve started homeschooling and I’ll be going to Cuesta in order to have more schedule flexibility and time to train and climb. Regardless of how successful I end up as a climber, it’s something I see myself doing for the rest of my life,” said previous 2025 SLOHS student Finn Retsek.

  There are some fun spots in San Luis Obispo to climb outside too. The holds can be hard but the views are pretty. A popular spot is on Bishop’s Peak, one of the boulders’ names is Pete! If one rents some crash pads from The Pad, they can park at the Highland entrance and do a short hike over to it. This is a fun activity for someone who is a little more experienced or to go with someone who is to make sure one does not get hurt farther out on a trail. 

  “I really enjoy climbing outside. I’ve climbed in Joshua Tree, Yosemite and Tahoe,” said senior Gio Fissel.

  Overall rock climbing is something anyone should try. Even if it is just once! I hope your next climb rocks!

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