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As Their First Trimester Wraps Up, How are SLOHS Exchange Students Feeling?


Our Tigers come from all around the world. What do they think about SLOHS? Graphic courtesy of junior Emily Kohler.

  The trimester is over in two weeks, and our exchange students have settled in at San Luis Obispo High School. This year, SLOHS has 11 exchange students, coming from as far as Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and Norway.

Here at Expressions, we are curious to know how they’re feeling as the trimester comes to a close.

Expressions: How are you enjoying your time at SLOHS?

Junior Mara de Blas from Spain: I’m loving it so much here. It’s so different from what I’m used to, and I appreciate that a lot.

Senior Sara Faido from Italy: The first weeks were difficult but now everything’s great.

Junior Charles Sibout from France: Very good! I like the big variety of school activities you can do. It’s a lot of fun.

Junior Lara Frueh from Germany: Probably that the campus is so big. I didn’t expect it to be that big.

Expressions: What has surprised you about America?

Junior Chloe Zwickert from France: That they take cars everywhere. In France, and in Europe in general, it’s not like this because everybody walks.

Senior Bo Heggernes from Norway: The amount of food you get when you order.

Expressions: What has surprised you about SLOHS?

Sibout: There is more diversity of activities. In French school, I just study normal lessons like math and English all day until like six p.m. Here you can choose more diversity of classes.

De Blas: Back in Spain, high school isn’t really engaging. You just go to class and take notes on what teachers are saying and not even teachers care that much. When you go back home, you don’t really do anything else. So it’s really exciting that here you have activities that you can learn from and that you can fully develop new skills in.

Expressions: What’s your favorite memory from your exchange so far?

Faido: The first football game.

Junior Damian Nerling from Germany: When I went out surfing at night.

  Expressions wishes SLOHS’ exchange students an exciting rest of their year!

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