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Earbuds Have Their Fair Share of Flaws

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  Tools to tune out the world, but it is not always a safe thing to do. Graphic courtesy of sophomore Roslyn Risner. 

AirPods, as well as other earbuds, are everywhere, around the world, and at San Luis Obispo High School. While it is incredible to be able to listen to the music one wants at any time, or any place, is it not rude to be listening to music when having a conversation, or dangerous when walking through the parking lot?

  Earbuds, or AirPods, like anything, have a time and place, but sometimes their use is simply excessive. 

 “When someone is trying to talk to you, or you need to be listening to a teacher, it’s best to remove your AirPods [or earbuds] so that you can pay attention,” said sophomore Lorelei Leinhos. 

  If you are talking to someone, at the very least have only one airpod in, even if you aren’t listening to music, they don’t know that. It’s hard to feel like someone is so disinterested in their conversation that they have to be listening to music as well. 

  “I get concerned [whether] I am being listened to when talking to someone with AirPods in their ears.  I get distracted thinking about whether their music is on or off.  Not so much disrespected, but just confused about what they are actually hearing,” said ninth grade English teacher Lynnly Sainsbury. 

  It is arguable that AirPods or earbuds are acceptable or even helpful in certain situations, and they are. Just be mindful of whether or not you may be disrespecting someone. If you have talked to them about it, or if they also have an AirPod in then it is less of an issue. Always use them at appropriate times.   

  “Between classes seems to be a popular time for students [to use earbuds].  I think the passing period is your brief break. As long as students come in ready to learn, I don’t have a problem.  Outside of class, that’s students time,” said Sainsbury. 

  Music is amazing, it can help you focus, lower stress, and is just generally pleasant. It’s also much less annoying than someone blasting their music from their phone. 

  “Although AirPods are distracting to have in schools they can also be helpful to students’ learning. For many people, they feel that music can help them focus and they can get their work done quicker and more effectively,” wrote reporter Luisa Marcotti on The Scroll. 

  Like everything in life, moderation is the key. 

  So Tigers, always be sure that AirPods use is not damaging your academic, or social life. And don’t walk through the street without full awareness of your surroundings! Other than that, enjoy your tunes! 


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