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Recording Artist Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour Brings Ballroom Culture to a Young Audience 


Popstar Beyoncé performing at the Sofi Stadium on September 2. Photo courtesy of junior Leila Tabuenca.

  A great deal of students at San Luis Obispo High School have attended concerts or festivals such as Coachella, Outside Lands, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Lana Del Ray, and Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour. 

Celebrity Beyonce, of course, stands out.

  Beyoncé released her seventh studio, “Renaissance,” in 2022. The tour began on May 10 and continue until October 1.

  “The concert was incredible and an out of body experience, she was singing live but sounded recorded, she’s just flawless,” said junior Leila Tabuenca. 

  In Beyoncé’s tour, she brings to light the Ballroom scene. Many know the Ballroom as ‘Vogue-ing’, but that’s just the surface. Started as an underground community in New York during the 19th century by members of the LGTBQ+ predominantly, Black and Latinx members. A substantial number of members were diagnosed with HIV, and ballrooms helped support people with HIV go against oppression and build a sense of community.

In Ballroom, they participated in “walks’”, where they are given a score by the judges. Members of the Ballroom scene could choose a category to participate in and dominate.

“I do not understand ballroom culture that well. For me it’s like a couture, it’s about expression and loving yourself and what you do and being confident in it,” said sophomore Kanaylah Dunn. 

  Beyoncé’s album presents themes of being free and expressing one’s true self. This album is an homage to the queer, Black, and Latinx people from New York, Detroit, and Chicago who created house and techno music for balls and kiki houses. 

  In the Album she uses many samples of classic ballroom tracks. In track 15 of the album, “PURE/HONEY,” she sampled three ballroom tracks which included: “Miss Honey” by Moi Renee and “Feels Like” by MikeQ.

  At the Renaissance tour one can expect a range of performances, not just Beyonce herself, At the tour they held their own Ballroom competition this consist of major Ballroom icons like: Honey Balenciaga for the House of Balenciaga, Commentators: Precious Basquiat and Kevin JZ Prodigy, and even judges to score the contestants, where they competed in five categories: fashion, style, pose, poise, grace.

  Beyonce’s tour is an exciting event that not only people go to see their favorite artist. Apart from that people go to concerts to feel the sense of freedom, community, and love that is the Album of Renaissance. 

  “I’m excited to go to her concert on the first of October, I just want to hear her voice and to hear people be free, that’s what Renaissance stands for,” said Dunn.

  Tigers, make sure that SLOHS feels like Renaissance, make sure to build a sense of community with other students around campus!


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