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Superstar Kanye West Continues to Create Controversy Among Students at SLOHS


Recording artist Kanye West was recently spotted in Italy with supposed wife Bianca Censori. Photo Courtesy of Italy 2024.

  From San Luis Obispo High School to Italy, it seems like the spotlight is always on singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and producer Kanye “Ye” West. West has once again stirred up controversy, and has left many wondering whether or not he should still be allowed on streaming service Spotify.

  Some are very passionate about taking him off Spotify once and for all, but should his life’s work really be taken away?

  After his wife Bianca Censori angered many with her highly exposing clothing in front of a Catholic church in Italy, many critics have demanded for Censori to be punished, with possible consequences including large fines and even jail time.

  Some have argued that her connections to West are the reason why many are offended and looking for forms of justice.

  “When you’re married to the GOAT, there’s obviously going to be controversy that is pointed toward you. That’s the price you have to pay,” said freshman Trey Walter.

  After many questionable decisions by the rapper, it seemed logical for some sort of action to be taken against him. 

  However, completely removing the artists discography off of the most popular music platforms is unfair, especially to the millions of devoted fans who enjoy West as an artist.

  His life’s work shouldn’t be taken away because of the questionable things he’s done in the past. Punishment should be legal action, not penalizing their already existing work. If Leonardo da Vinci said something awful, his paintings wouldn’t be ripped up and the Mona Lisa wouldn’t be burned. Instead he would be punished in the moment and the future, but it would not change the past.

  Most understand that what West has said and done is not okay, but destroying existing work is not an appropriate punishment. There are better ways to prevent this from happening again, and removing such critically acclaimed albums and songs from the public would only cause unnecessary outrage.

  “He is manipulative. He needs to learn how to control what he says. If you think what he is doing is okay, then you can keep listening. You should not listen to him if you believe what he is doing isn’t okay,” said freshman Isabella Mayr.

  Music is all about preference, and people can enjoy music separate from others opinion.

If many don’t like West as an artist or person, then staying away from the rapper might be the answer for some. West can do better in the future, but removing his work is far from the answer.


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