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Brayden Perry: Racing Through High School

San Luis Obispo High School junior Brayden Perry participates in a highly unusual sport: racing. All the men on his dad’s side of the family were once racers, and Perry proudly continues their legacy. Every Friday and Saturday he travels about two hours to either the Plaza Park Raceway or the Lemoore Raceway, and races his non-wing sprint car. Expressions chatted with Perry about his unique hobby.

Expressions: Why did you decide to race?

Junior Brayden Perry: It’s a lot different than any other sport in the school.

Expressions: Do you plan on keeping this as a hobby, or are you going to try to pursue it as a profession?

Perry: There are a lot of career opportunities in the high performance industry, such as engines, that I want to pursue, but no I don’t plan on racing as a profession.

Expressions: What are some advantages to racing?

Perry: I get to learn a lot about cars, and how to manage money. Also I get to travel and meet a lot of friends.

Expressions: What are some disadvantages to racing?

Perry: I don’t have time to participate in regular sports, like football, or in many weekend events.

Expressions: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Perry: In 2012 I won five different races in one season.

Expressions: What are some dangers that your face in this sport?

Perry: In August 2014, I got a 3rd degree burn on my left leg, from a burst in the hose in the motor.

Expressions: Is there anything you want to add?

Perry: I am constantly looking for sponsors. The company will get to put their logo on my car, and they also get to put it as a tax write off.

Here’s the full image of Perry’s car in action:



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