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SLOHS Students Are Going Great Places This Summer!


  There are so many places to travel both in SLO and around the world. Photo courtesy of sophomore Vyolet Burrus.

  A month of summer has already gone by, Tigers, and while some students at San Luis Obispo High School are sitting at home doing nothing, others are traveling the world! While no one can discredit a lazy summer, traveling students are having great adventures and no doubt enjoying their trips to foreign lands.

  For students sitting at home (and those planning their next trip), Expressions decided to interview a few of these globetrotters about what they’ve been up to this summer.

Expressions: Where have you gone this summer, or where do you plan on going?

Latin Teacher Chad Timm: Mexico, and then the first stop is a little gated community called Las Gaviotas.

English 9 Teacher Lynnly Sainsbury: I’m going to the University of Oxford in England, and I am spending ten days taking a class on Victorian detective fiction. It’s a morning class with a professor from Oxford, [who’s] an expert on Victorian literature, and then in the afternoon, [my husband and I] have time to go and do tours so I’m gonna go to the Harry Potter sites, and they have this very famous library in Oxford.

Sophomore Drew Howes: The Galapagos Islands.

Sophomore Cami Robinson: Norway.

Expressions: Why are you going on this trip?

Timm: Both trips we’re going for enjoyment and relaxation.

Sainsbury: I’m trying to write a detective fiction novel, plus, I love England and Oxford.

Howes: I really liked the eighth grade science teacher, and he’s the one who’s holding this trip. I’ve always been really interested in science, so going on this trip is a dream, and to go look at the place where Darwin made all his discoveries and stuff is why I’m excited. 

Robinson: My family wanted to go to Europe and we found a good deal.

Expressions: What are you looking forward to the most?

Timm: There are two parts of the trip. The first part [I’m] looking forward the most to surfing and then, in the second trip, I would say [building a] stronger friendship with the couple we’re traveling with.

Sainsbury: My husband got me really cool plane ride tickets, with the lay down seats, so I won’t be tired when I get there. I’m [also] looking forward to time to work on my novel, and learning a lot about detectives.

Howes: Probably seeing the giant turtles.

Robinson: I’m looking forward to the hikes, meeting people, and I’m excited to take pictures.

Expressions: Is there anything that you’re nervous about, or anything you’re not looking forward to?

Timm: My child’s behavior. 

Sainsbury: Jetlag.

Howes: Being on my own is gonna be rough, [and] not having anyone there that I know. I’ve never really traveled without my parents before.

Robinson: The ten-hour flight.

Expressions: After this trip, where else would you like to go? 

Timm: [If I were to go] anywhere, it’d be Korea.

Sainsbury: Paris, that’s on my bucket list.

Howes: I’m hoping to go to Japan pretty soon because I’ve always wanted to check that place out; it sounds really awesome. 

Robinson: Italy or Greece because there’s a lot of history there and I’m learning about it [in Latin].

   Summer is rapidly fading away, don’t waste it, Tigers.

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