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Blues Baseball Games Held Over The Summer Are Definitely Worth Checking Out


Yet another wonderful view at the Blues Baseball stadium. Photo courtesy of sophomore Kaila Foley.

  Every year, the traditional Blues Baseball games are held at Sinsheimer park, and students at San Luis Obispo High School shouldn’t miss this great opportunity. 

  The SLO Blues Baseball Games are annual every summer. These games are also famously known for the fireworks display at the end of the championship. It’s a great opportunity for students to hangout, get food or snacks, and enjoy some shaved ice on a hot summer night.

  “Attending Blues games supports the ability to have a local collegiate baseball summer team, it’s a great wholesome activity and rooting for the Blues builds community pride,” said owner and founder of Old SLO BBQ Co. Matt Pearce.

  There are 47 games total, 15 of which are away. Students can buy tickets online and get a pass for ten games, or just buy a seasonal pass to get availability throughout the entire summer. As for kids, children age 12 and under get free admission and are not required to have tickets. The games are held at Sinsheimer Park in the baseball stadium, the gates remain locked until an hour before the games start time.

   Everyone who attends can purchase candy, chips, BBQ, tacos, sodas and more. Most games run for the same amount of time, however even when they rarely go into overtime, snacks and food can be purchased from a local restaurant; Old SLO BBQ Co.     

  “The games go from Friday before Memorial Day through the last weekend of July. Each game is about two and a half hours, and this year there are thirty-one home games,” said Pearce.

  Not only is it a fun thing to do with family or friends, it also is a great way to support the community and help it grow. Even for tourists, it is a great way to see the residents of SLO come together for a night of memories. It is an especially nice time to be out and about seeing as all of the games are held over the summer and in the afternoon.

   “SLO is beautiful and has awesome weather; attending a Blues game is a great way to experience the SLO outdoors,” said Pearce.

  All times and schedules for the Blues Baseball games are posted online or can be seen on pamphlets given out on game days. 

    “I feel like students should go to the Blues games because it’s a sign summer is here. No more school, no more homework. It’s a cool place to hangout whether you like baseball or not,” said restaurant manager Mario Linos.

  Overall, the traditional Blues games are something for everyone to enjoy. The adults can take a break to sip on a cold beverage or a drink from the beer stand, while the kids run around and try to find out of bound balls. It is a great summer experience and an important part of SLO’S history. 

  Even  for those who aren’t a fan of baseball, hanging out with loved ones and seeing the fireworks can make wonderful memories. 


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